Working With a Trainer and Not Seeing Results? Here's why...



You bit the bullet and spent the extra money to hire a trainer.  You have prepared yourself to do the work and you haven't missed any sessions because, well you've already paid. You do your weigh-ins, your trainer checks in regularly, and you feel you've done better with your food, but the weight loss isn't giving what it's supposed to give... Why? Let's talk about it.

1. Are you being honest with yourself?

You haven't missed any workouts, and you've been showing up for weigh-ins but have you been giving it your all?  Have you been pushing yourself during the workouts? Or do you stop every time the trainer turns around? Have you done all you can to make sure you eat what's on your meal plan? Or are you using every excuse to hold on to those bad habits? How's your attitude? Are you focused on being better every day? Or are you just showing up because you paid? What you're doing when no one is looking, makes a HUGE difference and the only one who knows what's really going on is you.

2. Do you trust your trainer?

This is a big one!  I don't think many people think about this very much, but who you choose to guide you on this journey is a more important decision than you probably realize. This is a person that has to see you in one of your most vulnerable states so you need to trust them to show them that. This also has to be a person that you feel comfortable being honest with. When your trainer asks if you cheated on your diet (because they will), and your first thought is to lie, that's not a good sign.  They can't help you if you don't tell them the truth, and that goes back to being honest with yourself. You're not even helping you. How can they help you? Last, do you trust that they know what they are talking about? Are you doubting everything they say? Do you believe in the methods they are using on you?  If you're doubting any part of what they are telling you and you don't feel comfortable enough to ask them about it, you can't fully commit which makes it easier for you to rationalize slacking off or 'half-assing' the program. But you just end up wasting your time and theirs.

3. Is the trainer/program a good fit for YOU?

Many times trainers are suggested by friends or loved ones based on their experiences. A friend may just want a buddy to workout with so you go blindly together. The friend may have chosen the trainer because they did extensive research on their workout style and it is something that has worked for them in the past. Or it could just be the trainer who did the best marketing and had a good price. 

Just like anything else, that doesn't always work. Personality clashes can even cause a trainer to not be a good fit. You might hate the way they countdown their exercises or maybe they are too intense, or not intense enough. Maybe you don't like the exercises. Maybe it feels like you do the same thing every session and you get bored! Whatever the case may be, you may find that the program isn't your thing, and that's okay too! 

Don't let it turn you off from looking for someone else. Use the experience! Now you have a better handle on what you like/dislike and what you need from someone to help you be successful.


Make sure this is something you are ready to do.  Make sure it's something you're doing for yourself and no one else. Realize that you being dishonest is only slowing your journey and costing you money. Take your time and do the research. Find someone you like and trust. When you decide you trust them, do what they tell you to do! No trainer will purposely give you something that they don't think will work for you. There are some that will just take your money, but more often than not, the communication isn't there and that can really be a hindrance. 

It may seem like a lot of work, but when you find your trainer unicorn, I promise it's worth it!

I'm India, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and most importantly, an actual person who enjoys eating like everyone else! I'm here to help make your fitness journey more efficient for YOUR lifestyle...

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